Black Friday Mod Sale!!!

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Black Friday Mod Sale!!!
« on: 22 Nov 2017, 10:48 pm »
This weekend only, ending Monday, Nov. 27th, order any Oppo UDP-205 or Oppo Sonica mod and receive a free Audio Magic Pulse Gen upgrade and free return shipping. This is a $450 - $500 value (depending on location/shipping cost). Customers must provide the Oppo Sonica or UDP-205 for modification. Return shipping is only for domestic customers (North America).

These are the BEST Oppo mods that we have designed yet! The Sonica is ideal if you want a music only unit and don't need video or disc playback. If you want disc playback and 4K video also, then the UDP-205 is the ideal solution.  Both the UDP-205 and Sonica DAC have identical 2CH audio playback sound and digital connectivity.  Our mod is the same circuit and implementation for both units.

Mod price: $2500

Full tube modifications installed in your UDP-205 or Sonica DAC.
External PS 9.0 V10 tube rectified power supply.
Custom Truth DC umbilical.
Audio Magic Pulse Gen installed.
Free return shipping!

The Audio Magice Pulse Gen is a RF and EMI noise reduction device that we recommend as a further improvement to our tube mods.  It improves low level detail and overall resolution by lowering the noise floor inside the unit by virtue of eliminating RF and EMI noise/grunge.  This is normally a $400 upgrade, installed.

Please call or email us:

Note that we will not be in the office Nov. 23-26, but all messages and emails will be returned.

If you want to get in on our Black Friday Sale, please email or call before the end of the day Monday, Nov. 27th!


Dan Wright
President, ModWright Instruments Inc.

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