Is a Sugden amp a possibly good fit with SAMs?

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Re: Is a Sugden amp a possibly good fit with SAMs?
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I'm thinking about getting either the single driver SAMs or the HO version, and after casting about for different amplifier ideas, I realized that a Sugden class A integrated might work fine.  Anybody ever tried that?  I know everyone recommends tubes with Omegas, especially SET amps, but I'm kind of contrary that way.  I have considered Bottlehead and AN kits, along with other possibilities like Decware.  But I've always loved the Sugden aesthetic, and I think the plain vanilla A21 at 20 watts/channel would obviously have plenty of horsepower.


I don't own any Omega's AND my Sugden is a class A/B power amp - but as a single driver speaker user, I can vouch that Sugden works well in that application.

Great amps.  My first real integrated was one of their A28B's.  After selling it 15 years ago and missing it, this year I bought a used power amp version, had it recapped, and have been very pleased with it running my DIY single drivers.

Good luck!


Re: Is a Sugden amp a possibly good fit with SAMs?
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First of all, apologies for the drift away from the thread title.  This is ultimately an Omega loudspeaker post, as I'll get my HOSAs delivered sometime in the near future, but bear with me . . .

This is crazy!  I was listening to my Sonus faber Chameleon B speakers via the LTA MZ2 preamp and First Watt F6 when I decided to try out the MZ2's one-watt speaker outputs.  I also use a Dayton 12" subwoofer, using a light touch with its settings.  It seemed like a pointless chore and I had just moved into a new house this week, so I had more pressing things to take care of in the meantime.  Holy crap!  I was expecting a thin and weak sound, but with the volume pot at 50% it was loud and sweet!  I was listening to Black Uhuru's Red album and went straight to "Sponji Reggae" and I couldn't ask for a more beautiful experience.  Then I put on one of my favorite music/sonics CDs, Buena Vista Social Club.  Again, plenty loud and beautiful.  Now I'm listening to Kind of Blue and I don't want to leave the house.  But chores don't take care of themselves. . . .  I guess the Chameleons are easy to drive, as Sonus fabers rates them at 87 dB. 

I can't wait to hear this setup with Louis's far more sensitive speakers.  But I'm astonished what a nominally one-watt OTL amp sounds like through a pair of inefficient bookshelf speakers.
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