Conrad Johnson Classic SE Preamplifier

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Conrad Johnson Classic SE Preamplifier
« on: 20 Nov 2017, 04:20 am »
Conrad Johnson Classic SE Preamplifier.  The unit is in EXCELLENT condition, I really could not find a mark on it before packing it up.  Was upgraded around a year ago to SE status from the standard version by CJ, with receipt matched to serial number.  CJ put new M8080 tubes in it then, and it will come with the original pair as spares in their Mullard boxes, which test fine.  The unit is really barely used--maybe 400 hrs since upgrade.  I am second owner, and the first owner sure babyed the unit, as have I.

CJ Classic SE comes with original box, manual, PC, spare tubes.  It's like 'open-box' condition.

$1150 +shipping for the CJ Classic SE Preamp from 19380 (lovely West Chester, PA).  PP add 3%.  I have a few hundred positive feedbacks on Agon and almost 1000 on Ebay--no negatives; and I don't intend to change that, especially not at a top-flight place like AC..

As for pictures, let me assure you, it is what it is and looks as it should; you will not be disappointed.  As for sound--man--it's one smooth sounding preamp. Flawless functioning.


PS: Endnote: I am liquidating a spare system and can also list an ARC VS55, which is in the same pretty-pretty-mint condition with all tubes from ARC; and the power tubes are pretty new 6550 (test almost as new).  If interested, PM me about price.  Will be listing it after TG-Day.