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I have for sale an excellent condition pair of satin black Tekton Enzo XL speakers. I moved up to the Tekton line so these speakers need a new home. I am the original owner. They come with their original boxes.

Stereophile reviewer Herb Reichert noted that "...The Enzo XLs gave me 90% of the coherence and joy of my Class A reference speakers, along with at least one additional, deeply gratifying octave of big, live-sounding, pants-flapping, room-filling bass. Unbelievably, they also gave me something like 90% of the accuracy and authority I heard from Wilson Audio's "giant robots" back in the late '80s.

Today, the average price of the speakers listed in "Class A–Full Range" of Stereophile's "Recommended Components" is over $56,000/pair. In that world, the $2100/pair Tekton Enzo XLs are practically free. Based on my reviewing experience, these practically free speakers will get you a satisfyingly big portion of those $50,000 models' performance. Consider this review a thoughtfully considered, heartfelt recommendation. These giant monoliths are great fun!"

I'm asking $SOLD for the pair or best offer, plus shipping from 78731. The original MSRP for the speakers is $1,900.

I accept PayPal but the buyer is responsible for paying their fees. I also accept USPS money orders. I will only ship within the US. No trades.

I have great feedback on Ebay as Gelajoy (1100+ rating at 100%.)

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