SOLD: Chord Mojo

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SOLD: Chord Mojo
« on: 17 Nov 2017, 06:22 pm »
This amazing little amp sounds so good that many folks use them in their main system on the line out setting. And if you grab Chord's neat new Poly that pairs with it, the functionality balloons to a ridiculous degree. Like using your phone to control the Mojo/Poly and to use it as a preamp in a 2 channel system. Not to mention using the Mojo as a great portable source. Many rave reviews on this device, not to mention a ridiculously long Head-fi thread (FAQs in post 3 of that thread is full of useful info:

I've had this Mojo since AXPONA 2016 but ended up not using it very much due to some system changes.

Included in the sale is everything pictured below. Shipping (insured, with tracking number of course) is included in my ACer price of $OLD.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Re: FS: Chord Mojo
« Reply #1 on: 17 Nov 2017, 08:53 pm »
I have somewhat recently acquired a Mojo from a fellow ACer.  My price - which I felt was fair and reasonable - was identical to this one.

If you do not currently have a digital solution, I can highly recommend this as a turnkey solution.  It is small but heavy, built like a tank, and flexible in its use.  The controls are idiosyncratic (intentionally so) but this thing punches well above its weight.  Battery lasts about 8-10 hours.

I currently use mine with a Chromecast Audio connected via optical.  It has enough gain (can be set to fixed or variable up to 3v out) to drive an amplifier directly, and enough current to do so successfully.  The matching Poly, which perversely costs more than the Mojo, has just been released and should present a complete Roon endpoint (among others).

You could do a lot worse than this.  It also has a strong market both in the home audio and headphone world, so reselling would not be a problem at all.


Re: FS: Chord Mojo
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Thanks, from one Roscoe to another!