Lightning Strike

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Lightning Strike
« on: Yesterday at 08:57 pm »
Lightning hit my antenna the other day, I think it was aiming for my mother in law but she's pretty spry.
It toasted the modem, router, all of the wiring from the internet provider from the house to the telephone pole, the wiring splitter, the antenna rotator and the antenna preamp.

Luckily, the stereo the old girl was listening to while she watched TV wasn't harmed nor was the flat screen.
FWIW, everything was plugged into an APC-15 power doohickey so it may just have been a weird way that the electricity ran to ground or maybe the APC unit saved the gear.


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Re: Lightning Strike
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 10:45 pm »
Lucky lucky.   :thumb:


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Re: Lightning Strike
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So the real test is Will that Happen Again?

While having some electrical work done a while back I had a whole house surge device installed on my house main.  I just bought a replacement due to some blowing hay shorting out a pole.  I think the install was under $200 as he was working in the panel and replacement was $85.

No damage in the house.  A lightning strike could change that equation :scratch: