SOLD $179-Element Cable Signature Titan Cu Balanced Cables XLRs 3ft pr

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Element Cable Signature Titan CU Balanced – Balanced 3 foot cable with Neutrik XLRs 
List Price $459

Neutrik Male XLR on one end and Neutrik Female XLR on the other. The cable is in excellent condition with minor wear on labels consistent with use..

Not many people knew about these cables, but they are beautifully musical and open with great balance and texture.    The presentation is very neutral and extremely musical.   

Price is $179 per pair shipped to continental U.S. members, no extra fees for Paypal.  Paypal is the only accepted form of payment. 

See below for details.

……... from Element Cable's brochure:

The Titan Copper interconnect utilizes Cardas' technically advanced strand-size progression litz
conductors in our own quad-helix, noise-cancelling design.

This reference copper interconnect offers a natural tonal balance with excellent extension, and superb
transparency over the entire audio spectrum. The conductor technology and geometry of the Titan Cu
eliminate glare and ring found in other copper interconnects currently on the market.

The combination of advanced design and premium parts put the Titan Cu at the top of the class
in high-end, high performance analog copper interconnect.

• 17awg. Hyper-pure 99.9999% copper litz
• Cardas advanced strand-size progression conductor
• TeflonTM dielectric, individual strands coated with enamel
• Noise-cancelling Quad-Helix design, with copper shielding
• Effective conductor damping layer
• Shield and conductor isolation
• Directional

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