Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request (2017 DSD Remaster)

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OK I am not a Rolling Stones fan.  Just never connected with their music, despite many attempts to do so.  On a lark I picked up the latest remaster in DSD of Their Satanic Majesties Request from Acoustic Sounds.  Uhm, wow.  This sounds way, way better than I've ever heard the Stones sound before. 

The main difference is in tonal balance and instrument prominence.  In prior releases, the sound was always tipped up toward the top end (ie, bright and shitty sounding).  And it also sounded like it was just Mick & Keith way out in front & everyone else in a sort of misty haze behind them. 

This remaster fixes all that - the sound is actually quite balanced now (tonally) and all the other instruments have been brought to the fore and even are able to occupy their own acoustic space. 

The thing that strikes me is just how much this record and Sgt Peppers by the Beatles have in common.  When you hear all the effects come from real instruments instead of sounding like they came out of a tin can, you get very much more the experimental feel of this stuff. 

Anyway, I'm still not a huge fan, but I at least feel I 'get it" a bit more, now.


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Well, good to hear that the sq has been vastly improved. A pretty strange effort for the Stones in any event. And in terms of ‘getting’ the Stones, and even though I’m no longer a fan, that particular album would rank last on my recommended Stones list for a Stones newbie.


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One of my favorite Stones albums,a lot going on in this recording.


I’ll be picking this up ASAP!