Help identifying a $55,000 pair of loudspeakers with strings for a grill cloth

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Yesterday I was at an audio store to buy some cheap interconnects when an excited salesman invited me into the "Wow" room to hear a new pair of speakers the store had just brought in.

To my ears they were indeed "Wow" speakers and I was so impressed that I got home unable to remember what make or model I had listened to.

What I do remember is two black rectangular monoliths maybe four and a half to five feet tall with multiple drivers facing forward and one really unique visual feature. Instead of a traditional grill cloth there appeared to be several widely space vertical strings stretched from the floor to the top of the speaker.

The salesman said the pair was around $55,000.

Does anybody know what I was listening to?

Phil A

Probably would help if we knew the store and the location and then perhaps we can see what brands they carry.

Phil A


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Thanks Phil.
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