Resonessence Invicta vs Invicta vs Invicta Mirus Pro

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I would be interested in any opinions regarding the current model Resonessence Mirus Pro vs the older models of Invicta & Invicta Mirus. 

I currently own the Resonessence Concero HP, which I think is an excellent DAC at its price point.  But, as with most of us here, I am always looking for upgrade opportunities.  I decided to audition the new Resonessence Veritas.  The Veritas is good, but I didn’t think it was worth the cost to upgrade from the HP.  So, the sales agent suggested we listen to the Mirus Pro.

For me, the difference was dramatic (from an audiophile perspective).  It has excellent detail, which is important for me personally, but absolutely without any etched or analytical character.  The timbre and tonal balance were as accurate and realistic as I can recall from any system.  The imaging was quite precise; the soundstage with excellent depth.  And the bass was articulate, fast AND deep!  Arguably, most importantly, it was incredibly musical.  On applicable tracks, you can’t help tapping the feet, etc.  Essentially, it conveyed a sound that excelled in all the areas that are important to me. 

Admittingly, it is the most expensive DAC that I have auditioned for an extended period within a familiar system (outside of showrooms and audio shows).  However, it is the first time since the dawn of digital that I was entirely satisfied with what I heard.  I believe I could happily live with this DAC, and even rebuild my system around it. 

Which brings me to my dilemma, and where I need some help.  The Mirus Pro is more than double what I want to spend on a DAC.  So, I am considering the purchase of the older Invicta Mirus or Invicta models used.  If anyone has experience with these models and can compare either to the Mirus Pro, I would welcome your opinions.  Thanks in advance for any feedback!