AK Planetarium Sigma Satellites, dedicated stands, Space Generators

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Posted only with AK permission.  Six pieces total $11,485 SRP.  Sell with 5 year warranty $5640 + shipping. 

Transform your sound room into a concert hall. An equally enjoyable time is had with AudioKinesis Planetarium Sigma and Space Generators, for both music and home theater. Each sound is natural and well defined. These speakers go beyond your expectations. The music and sound effects come to life, deepening every aspect of your listening enjoyment.

Six pieces comprise two each maple AudioKinesis Planetarium Sigma Satellites ($6495/pr SRP), dedicated satin black Sigma stands w/solid wood top plate matching Sigma veneer ($1495/pr), and maple Space Generator reverberant field auxiliary speakers ($3495/pr SRP), total $11,485 SRP.  Sell $5640 including AK dealer's 5 yr Warranty same as new, plus lifetime setup and tuning advice.
This satellite system requires sub woofer below 45-60 Hz, not included.  The ideal speaker for OTL tube amp (contact Atma-Sphere for AudioKinesis comments).  114.5 dB with only 1 dB dynamic compression, 120.5 dB with active high pass crossover not included.  Accommodates any listening perspective, near to far field.

Please peruse details below:

AudioKinesis Planetarium Sigma Satellite Speakers $6495/pr SRP:
1. Net weight each: 51 lbs 13 oz
2. Driver Layout: MHM mid bass/horn/mid bass
3. Wave guide: 13.5 inch wide state of the art SEOS
4. Radiation pattern: 90 degree horizontal x 45 degree vertical
5. Toe-in: recommend on-axis lines intersect 4-6 feet IFO sweet spot
6. True sensitivity @ 1M @ 16 Ohm: 94.5 dB @ 2.83V (2W), 91.5 dB @ 1W
7. Mid-Treble driver: state of the art US made Radian Beryllium compression driver, 1” throat, 1.75” diaphragm
8. Bass Tuning: includes four air-tight plugs per speaker to seal any number of ports (none to four) to damp mid bass modes
9. Dimensions H x W x D: 26 x 18 x 10 inches, 45 degree angle on all 4 vertical corners (1.75” wide on front, 3.5” wide on rear)
10. Mid-Bass driver: 8 inch Faital pro sound from Italy, octagonal alloy frame, treated paper cone, accordion surround, neodymium magnet
11. Maximum power handling and SPL @ 1M with 1 dB dynamic compression: 100Wrms @ 114.5 dB, active high-pass crossover 4th order @ 70 Hz (not included) allows 400Wrms @ 120.5 dB
12. System Design: constant directivity waveguide, smooth and consistent radiation pattern from mid range through treble, four rear-firing dual-flared ports behind mid bass drivers enhance reverberant field energy
13. Input impedance: 16 Ohm nominal, 12 Ohm minimum. Benign phase angle and flat impedance above the bass range, ideal low current load for OTL and any tube amp. High impedance improves SS amp distortion spectra, with greater even order/less odd order harmonics.
14. Treble Tilt: four steps via rear panel upper binding posts, (1) minimum = posts open/nothing attached, (2) included Mills non-inductive power resistor (higher Ohm value), (3) included Mills non-inductive power resistor (lower Ohm value), (4) maximum = posts shorted with included jumper wire

Sigma Cabinet Details:

1. ¾” solid maple top
2. All drivers flush mounted
3. Mid bass baffle 1.5” thick
4. Primary material: ¾” MDF both sides pre-veneered
5. Grille shape: vertically stretched octagon echoes mid bass frame
6. Furniture grade real maple veneer, multi-coat hand rubbed satin lacquer
7. Reinforcement: mass-loaded top and base panels, full horizontal window brace between wave guide and each mid bass
Dedicated Stand for Sigma Satellites $1495/pr SRP:
1. Speaker platform: ¾” solid maple
2. Net Weight without Ballast: estimate 22 lbs each
3. Finish: clear satin solid maple speaker platform, all else black automotive satin
4. Brace fastened to pedestal and speaker platform inside vertical cylinder: ¾” MDF
5. Vertical support: 8” outer diameter composite cylinder, leave empty as is or fill with desired ballast not included

AudioKinesis Space Generator Reverberant Field Speakers, $3495/pr SRP:

AudioKinesis designed Space Generator speakers (SG application developed by AK and James Romeyn). Earlier SG application was called LCS for Late Ceiling Splash.  Earlier LCS speakers won 2014 RMAF Best of Sound Award (Dream Maker LCS) and made TAS list for 2015 THE Show Best New Speakers Under $15k/pr (Zephrin 46; AK Swarm Distributed Sub Array also won 2015 TAS Product Of The Year Award). 
SG is a special auxiliary almost full range loudspeaker, adding ideal reverberant field performance to Sigma or other primary speaker. SG floor-mounts behind main/primary speaker.  A continuous volume control under the SG base matches SG level to primary speaker sensitivity ranging from low 80 dB to low 90 dB.

SG improves all performance aspects including density, spatial qualities, even pitch sensitivity.

1. Frequency Response: approximately 55 -17k Hz in-room
2. System Type: sealed enclosure, controlled directivity, flat spectral curve w/floor boundary reinforcement
3. Driver: US made Eminence 10” coincident w/polymer compression driver, 10" diaphragm acts as pattern control wave guide
4. Input Impedance: varies by level control setting, maximum volume 9.3 Ohm DC, minimum volume 25.3 Ohm DC
5. Dimensions W x D: 12” x 12”, base panel and cabinet angled 22.5 degrees to uncorrelate reverberant field (see images), grille height 20.5”/16.5” maximum/minimum.
6. Treble Tilt: four steps via under side binding posts, (1) minimum = posts open/nothing attached, (2) included Mills non-inductive power resistor higher Ohm value, (3) included Mills non-inductive power resistor lower Ohm value, (4) maximum = posts shorted with included jumper wire
7. Amplifier Requirements: easy phase angles, flat impedance above the bass range, see “Input Impedance.”  All or most amps can safely drive SG parallel wired with most primary speakers (ask seller if in doubt). If primary speaker has sensitivity outside the recommended range, set SG level to maximum.  Drive SG with a separate outboard amp with level control, recommend 50W+.
8. Sensitivity: A continuous volume control under SG base matches SG output to primary speaker sensitivity ranging from low 80 dB to low 90 dB.  To set SG level: use pink noise program w/SPL meter @ sweet spot, ear level, pointing @ 12 o'clock.  Set main system volume for 65 to 70 dB range from one primary speaker alone.  Disconnect primary speaker; leave main system volume as-is.  Adjust volume under associated SG for -13 dB v. primary speaker.  Repeat for other channel.   

All USA made and assembled except wave guide, crossover parts, and 8 inch mid bass from Italy. Safe and secure shipping via FX in OEM wood crates with 2” foam all around, from N.C. near Raleigh.  Vendor gets 10% FX discount.  Four crates comprise: one per Sigma, two SG in one crate, two stands in one crate. Vendor employs low cost Concordia shipper for international sales. 

A gorgeous, properly engineered one owner loudspeaker system gently used in a non smoking mature professional’s 2-channel and Atmos HT system (phantom center channel outperforms any known front L/C/R speakers).  Audition in large sound room w/reference grade server/renderer/DAC > pre amp > 1200W mono blocks > Sigma/SG.  (Also kilowatt sub amp > four 18 Hz subs in distributed array).  Seller trading for AK speakers.  Sold new April 2015. 

Please see more images at AG ad (for unknown reason the AC buttons don't work for me): https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis8fc19-audiokinesis-planetarium-sigma-satellite-with-space-generators-monitors

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