NYTimes: How to Keep the Lights On After a Hurricane ... sort of

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The good news: solar panel systems survived the hurricanes and were completely operational. Hooray!

Except solar systems tied to the grid were shut down to guard against voltage surges that could endanger repairmen fixing the power lines. Ok.

But inverters can separate solar systems from the main grid can be installed, automatically or manually, and allow the solar systems to continue operating even though the grid is down. Hooray!

Unfortunately, nearly all utilities forbid this. In fact, Florida Power and Light lobbied the Legislature hard this year to restrict their customers from access to home-based solar systems when the grid goes down.

NYTimes: How to Keep the Lights On After a Hurricane


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Phil A

I know about FPL first hand.  My solar is tied to the grid.  I do have a generator panel installed and a hook-up outside for my gasoline generator.  I lost power about 8 or so hours and was about to go outside and start the generator when the power came back on.

Wind Chaser

Good news... Hooray! :D

Except...  :(

But... Hooray! :D

Unfortunately...  :(

All of this leaves me a little...  :?  :lol: