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New member introduction
« on: 22 Oct 2017, 08:05 pm »
Hi all, my names a Andrew and have recently become a keen audiophile, although somewhat main stream at this point as my product knowledge is still pretty weak.
I'm starting my first serious hifi system and am considering pairing monitor audio gold 300 speaker with a Rega Elicit amp and a Cambridge Audio 851N streamer. Or
B&W 804 D3 speakers with the new Rotel 1592 integrated amp.


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Re: New member introduction
« Reply #1 on: 22 Oct 2017, 08:24 pm »
Welcome Andrew :thumb:
There is no prob, we are all Bozzos in this bus.

Phil A

Re: New member introduction
« Reply #2 on: 22 Oct 2017, 08:42 pm »
Welcome to AC!


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Re: New member introduction
« Reply #3 on: 22 Oct 2017, 08:44 pm »
Welcome Andrew! I am new here too. Have you actually listened to the equipment you are considering purchasing?


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Re: New member introduction
« Reply #4 on: 23 Oct 2017, 04:50 am »
Greetings & Welcome to AC Andrew & jw   :thumb:


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Re: New member introduction
« Reply #5 on: 23 Oct 2017, 10:11 am »

My advice to audio newbies is to learn about music, find your audio attribute preferences, learn about room acoustics, and then pick a wide variety of your favorite music and audition up to 4 setups per day maximum (ears/mind can easily overload).  And take notes to force yourself to really listen and because aural memory is not very reliable.  And as per my moniker, don't under estimate the importance of the room (like 90% of audiophiles do). 

Pick speakers to fit the room (or headphones if you don't have a decent room).  While I believe that true audiophile reproduction requires full frequency response, bass can be very expensive and fraught with problems.  Nowadays good audio need not cost a ton or be complicated.  Example:  add a $200 Meridian Explorer 2 DAC to your laptop for a source and use a pair of $260 JBL LSR 305 active speakers (current street prices) with stands and your done for an average/small sized room or desktop.  Instead of buying $$$$$ worth of albums, spend $20/month for a subscription to Tidal (CD quality music service that has millions of albums).