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Beautiful looking (to me at least, even though its a console unit without cabinet) and excellent sounding unit.  I have had multiple Pilot units of all types and this is the best one by far.  Selling to finance a preamp purchase I made.

I spent quite a bit of money buying Mundorf, AudioCap, STX and CP Manufacturing multisection caps, as well as metallized resistors, and spent time and money trying to find a proper replacement for the failing volume pot. Finally my tech found the ALPS from japan that works, and its installed, and its such an improvement over the original (even when working 100%).

The tubes are the rare and costly Westinghouse 7591 and all signal tubes are Telefunken.

All inputs and Outputs work quietly and sound great. Knobs are ninja silent.  The Multiplex input is new and much better at allowing modern RCA's get a grip. I only did Multiplex because I mainly a CD guy now. It also comes with the spade to banana adapters..makes it easier when connecting the Pilot into a system.

Work was performed by Analogique in Manhattan, NYC

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Price reduction 1100 including shipping.