Aurender streamer compatible with KWI-200 DAC?

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Aurender streamer compatible with KWI-200 DAC?
« on: 11 Oct 2017, 04:11 pm »

I have a KWI-200 with DAC, and I'm planning to buy Aurender X100L as the music streamer, feeding the USB output to KWI-200 USB port.
I was wondering if these two are compatible.

From the below list,

they have given "ModWright        Elyse DAC" as a compatible DAC. If so, is it safe to assume KWI-200 DAC is also compatible?
In the same link, they have given "M2 Tech                USB Interface (any DAC that uses is compatible)"

Aurender uses some version of Linux os.
Aurender X100 uses a dedicated USB audio class 2.0 port to feed to the DAC.