LampizatOr will be hosting a very special room this year at RMAF in suite 5030

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We are extremely excited to be debuting some of our newest (Generation 6) products next week at RMAF.

The much anticipated new statement dac, the LampizatOr Pacific will see it's world debut fed by our brand new LampizatOr Super Komputer outfitted to run Roon.  The system will be powered by our freshly revised Gen 6 Balanced 211 amplifiers.

Joining us will be Salk audio and Wywires.

This room will be very special. We hope to see you in room 5030.


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Wow, that sounds like an awesome lineup Fred! Good luck with the show.


Oh boy, would love to hear those toys.


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See you next Friday, very excited.

Big Red Machine

Fred, which Salks?


Thanks all.

Salks will primarily be the Exotica 3s, but Jim also mentioned he *might* also bring a pair of Song 3 Encores which is very interesting as well. 

Wywires will show their latest iteration of the Platinum line which I'm sure will be wonderful.  I was an original beta tester for Alex and have loved Wywires for a looong time.


Have a great show Fred!  Sorry I'll miss you guys...


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Are the output tubes of the Pacific the same family as the Golden Gate?


Yes.  DHT rolling will remain an option for the Pacific.


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Looking forward to hearing the new wares Fred!  See you next week..

- Jay M.