always been a Mac guy but boy did I get a turd this time (MacBook Pro retina)

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Since I was one of the early adopters of P-shop and digital image (back when you shot film and had it scanned) I have used Macs. I've had 'em all, a 9500, a home-brew Daystar Genesis (a clone with a 9500 motherboard) G5 towers, the so called "titanium" laptop (a plastic chassis w/ a titanium skin) and then several MacBook Pro's.

As my previous Retina was stolen during a break in at the studio (got all my photo gear too) I got a new one after insurance paid out. I went with the entry level 15" over the newer 'touch-bar" as I wanted to keep legacy ports and the mag-safe charger. (same as I had before). Well two weeks in and I start getting image retention. Nothing, not screen savers or any recommended solution would work, other than shut down for hours, but then it would reappear in minutes. Then it got worse! The screen started changing color. Everything would be yellow or magenta, images would appear posterized and the display will randomly flicker.

I've got to get it exchanged but I'm out of the 14 day window thanks to working 7 days a week, but gonna raise hell, as this is clearly defective. I cannot begin to edit on it. Yeah, I'm gonna get an external Eizo, but still....

Never had these issues w/ 2015 Retina. When they work, they are the best laptops going, but $2K is a lot of money these days.

Oh, yeah, I had that piece of crap Time Capsule that overheats and cooked the drive. Come 'on Apple!

Oh BTW: State Farm payed out at replacement cost, minus deductible, which is pretty awesome. We were able to actually upgrade on camera to the new MK2 Canon 6D. But the thieves got my bespoke tilt/shift lens adapter, which they probably tossed because they wouldn't have understood how it worked. I can make another, but PItA.

Sorry for the rant, but watch out on the new Macs  Apparently they sourced a bunch of crap panels from LG.


I'm still very happy with my 2013 15" MacBook Pro [2.7GHz Quad-Core i7; 16 GB RAM; 512 SSD; Intel HD 4000 Graphics 1GB + nVidia GeForce 650 GT PCIe 1GB; Retina 2880 x 1800].

Your screen (or something in your graphics bus) is clearly defective; you should put in a warranty claim and get a repair / replacement (their choice). There is no upside to continuing to use a laptop with a bad screen.

Like you, this was an insurance replacement for an older machine. At the time it was $C 2400 [$US 1960]. I got the insurance company to pony up for all the Lightning adapters and the external CD drive as the older machine had ethernet, video, etc ports and an internal drive on top of the laptop itself, plus some software that I could not re-license (MS Office, and an app that used a USB dongle that was in the machine when it was stolen) and they were obligated to buy me an equivalent machine (Guaranteed Replacement Cost policy); they priced one out, and I used the agreed value to get a refurb with high spec. AVIVA insurance.

I only buy Refurb Macs these days. Had you done the same, I guarantee your screen would be perfect ... refurbs are fully tested, not just the basic production line check that regular machines go through. They even burn in a new serial number.

My first computer was a Mac Plus, System 6.0.8 on floppy disks.


Yeah, my 2015 Retina was flawless. Hey I understand this is a complicated piece of equipment and things can and do go wrong. I saw some comic (forget who) doing a bit about people complaining about cell phone service, while they don't realize that the whole device and system is a sort of magic that didn't even exist a few years ago.

I contacted Apple and have appointment at the store on Sat. Hopefully, as a loyal customer, they will take care of the problem. I honestly could not bear the thought of using a Windows computer to do photo work. If I only wanted email and internet, I'd get a cheap Samsung tablet however.

You know, the MacBook Pro I had before the last Retinal was a 17" I got as a refurb. from a place called Gainsaver. (because I wanted the out of production 17") It wasn't much savings, but you're right, you're gonna get something that works. Something to consider!


Same, I don't really have a choice (although I'm OK with it) as I could not use a Wintel machine to do what I do (and I have six VMs ... Windows XP, Win7, Win8 and Win10, BSD-UNIX, and OSX Server 10.6 Snow Leopard*) so I can run the Windows apps I need as well. Works well for me. But as you say, I know many people who don't need a computer at all, surfing and eMail only, yet they buy Windows laptops. Waste of money if you don't need the power.

* Unlike any of the desktop Mac OS's the Server License allows installing in a VM. And yeah, you DO have to enter a license number. Actually I have more than six VMs as I copy a base system and use that for specific tasks, as Windows doesn't work well unless dedicated to specific configurations.


 I just checked Gainsaver. A real 2015 15" Retina, as a refurb would only be $100 less than new with my government employee discount. (VA pharmacy by day, photographer whenever I can fit) But I could guarantee I could get the problem free Samsung screen instead of the problem child LG. (now I know.....lot of internet threads on this)

I'll try a swap. If it still has issues, try for refund.

Happy computing everyone! BTW: I am not out to bash Apple. I stood by them during the dark days of John Scully  (kicking myself for not buying stock when it was down to a dollar or so) Hell I even went out to Macworld the year Jobs returned. I'm just a little frustrated that I have to take this back, when the one thing I don't have much of these days is free time.d Posting this stuff while trying to shovel down dinner before getting to household stuff like bill, cat litter box, laundry........ :icon_lol:


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I'm still on my 2011 MBP 15" because of the cost and unable to later upgrade of new macs.
I'm tempted to go PC/windows for my next computer.


When I'm in pharmacy world I have to use Windows and curse it overtime. Sure, I know there's the gear heads that know that OS inside and out and love it but I'm an idiot and want simple and I want fast. I get that on my Macs.

And when it works, the Retina display is just stunning. Yes Friday, I will be ordering an Eizo color calibrated external monitor, but I've run calibrated monitors for photo for the last 20 years or so and had planned to do so even before the problem. But as much as I like Retina (when it works) I would not buy a stand alone Apple display. Way too much money and not hardware calibrated. Software calibrators are a 'patch' IMHO.

With that said, If Windows works for you....go for it. They certainly cost a lot less, and a lot of them look nice these days too. One thing I've always liked about Mac. If you plug in a peripheral (like my guitar ADC for garage band) it just works. No drivers. Plug and play. And yeah....Garage Band! Frigging great for free! In the hour or so I can call my own I can record my own multi track songs.


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The screen started changing color. Everything would be yellow or magenta, images would appear posterized and the display will randomly flicker.

I've had the random flickering with the screen when I bought my Mid 2012 Retina. I had it replaced and then it worked fine. All under warranty for free. Then another thing happened. I was losing black polish on the bezel. They were aware of this and had it replaced again.

The other thing I'd be really, really careful with MacBooks is to always have it on a flat surface like a desk. Avoid using it as an actual "laptop" and on your lap. Uneven pressures will mess with the logic board and cause cracks. Avoid holding it with one hand from one side/corner. This can result in graphics going weird and computer freezing. Look this up if you already haven't. Their unibody design is weak. I have another MacBook as well and it comes up from time to time.

My Late 2009 iMac on the other hand has been flawless. It's getting old with its Core 2 Duo and not as good resolution as my Retina MacBook Pro or the iPad Air 2/iPhone 6+, but it has been very reliable. iMac has been my favourite.


Zoom, re: the problem of twisting the body of the laptop by holding with one hand. That was the issue with the "Titanium' It was a skin over a plastic frame which would twist if you picked up by one corner. This would lead to motherboards cracking and failing as you have suggested. I'd assumed the unibody fixed, but I don't pick them up by one corner anyway.

I just hope Apple hasn't gotten to be such a big seller of consumer stuff like phones and music that they forget about they're loyal computer users. We shall see this Sat. Apple has never been a 'brand' to me or status symbol or anything close to that. It has always been a tool that served my purpose. A car mechanic buys a Snap On wrench because it has value to his job, not because someone thinks it's cool.


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  2011 MBP 15"

That is what i have too (+ an older MacPro (OSX 10.6) — cost th eprice of an ethernet card), a PowerMac (OS 10.4), and a MacMini (music server)) — usually accessed via screenshare from my MBP



I saw some comic (forget who) doing a bit about people complaining about cell phone service, while they don't realize that the whole device and system is a sort of magic that didn't even exist a few years ago.

Here ya go!


I think Mac quality in general has been spotty. I had first a gen "trashcan" MacPro that was garbage, extremely unreliable. It would work fine for weeks, then it would be constantly afflicted with freezes, slowdowns, and glitches. No amount of troubleshooting by anyone was ever able to fix it. Finally, threw in the towel and bought a second gen MacPro a couple months ago and this one was thankfully everything the first one was supposed to be. We are an all Mac workplace and have probably 15-16 Mac users, everything from iMacs, laptops, to MacPros and many of the newer units have had problems in recent years I don't ever remember having 10 years ago.


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When compared with any other brand, Apples computers have had, year after year, the least number of hardware issues.



Happy to say that Apple replaced the laptop, even though I was past the 14 day window, however I explained that I have been running 60/hrs a week at the hospital, and today was first day I could go to story. They assured me that this one has the Samsung display like my 2015 (problem free) version.  At first they wanted to repair existing, but I politely asked for the exchange, as I knew about the problem LG displays. My. faith has been restored!


Yeah Tyson.......that was the bit I remember. Thanks.


I'm glad I bought last year's model  :D

Oh wait now it's the year before last.

Glad you got it sorted  :thumb:


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Had another wonderful personal service experience at the Apple store yesterday, but have never seen them so busy.  This store is reportedly the only one with that faces south (outdoors) and the Michigan sun has been raising havoc.  First it washed out at the screens in the front of the store.  Second, even after adding a tinting film, the concrete floor in the very front has cracked.  Third the big/heavy plexiglass doors, which are hard to open/close in the wind, have broke and are being replaced.  All in the first two years.  Reportedly Apple won't build another exterior south facing store again.