EVOKE teams with REL Subs for GREAT 2 Channel, 5.1, 7.1 and beyond Systems

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John Casler

I have been waiting for this for some time.  While EVOKE has considered creating its own line of Subs, that, in itself, becomes a HUGE project for a small company.

Over time we have been in touch with REL Acoustics and now can offer EVOKE speakers with complimenting REL Subs.  As many of you know REL is often regarded as one of, if not the BEST Sub for music out there so we are proud to have made this connection.  They have been VERY Helpful in suggesting what Series and Model will work best with the RUBIES

Our initial foray is to match the RUBY, our VERY HOT smaller stand mount, with the REL T/i -Series subs.

To Celebrate this, I will post in the next couple days the following:

1) An Audiophile 2 Channel System
2) A 5.1 (or more) MultiChannel System
3) A 7.1 (or more) MultiChannel System

These will be Packaged Priced as an Introduction to this Combination.

For more information on the RUBY - - LOOK HERE
For more information on the REL T/i Series - - LOOK HERE

These are nicely matching CLEAN Design, and beautiful.

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Phil A

Congrats to Evoke.  Good move.  I have Rel subs for over 15 years (4 of them - in the old house I used them all in the main system mainly for multi-channel music and now have two in the main system and one each in back-up systems). 

John Casler

As promised here are the Evoke RUBY/REL SUB PACKAGE PRICES

Please note these are INTRODUCTORY Packages and can be changed or modified at any time.

1) The Audiophile 2 Channel System
    Pair of Evoke RUBY speakers - $1595 pr
    Single REL T/5i - $749

Package Price =
FREE RUBY SIGNATURE upgrade mode ($295 value),
or FREE Upgrade to the REL T/7i ($250 value),
or FREE Pedestal Stands ($228 value)

2) 5.1 MultiChannel System
    5 Evoke RUBY speakers - $3988
    1 REL T/7i $999

Package Price =
FREE RUBY SIGNATURE upgrade mode ($737 value),
or FREE upgrade to REL T/9i ($300 value),
or FREE 6 Pedestal Stands ($684 value)

3) 7.1 MultiChannel System
     7 Evoke RUBY speakers - $5582
    1 REL T/9i $1299

Package Price =
FREE RUBY SIGNATURE upgrade ($1032 value),
or 2nd REL T/9i for 1/2 price ($650 value),
or FREE 6 Pedestal Stands ($798 value)

It is hard to imagine a more spectacular sounding system (assuming great electronics) than these selections.

RUBY plays clear and loud, in most rooms, and mates perfectly with the Sensational REL performance.

It is HIGHLY Recommended that you consider a PAIR of REL subs (or even more) for the most complete bass coverage.

Other package PACKAGE options available so please contact for more.

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