SOLD: AVA Fet Valve 400R Power Amp (hybrid)

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SOLD: AVA Fet Valve 400R Power Amp (hybrid)
« on: 14 Sep 2017, 05:16 am »
 For sale is an Audio by Van Alstine (AVA) Fet Valve 400R power amplifier, rated at 200 Watts per channel. It's the slightly smaller version of the Fet Valve 600R, which The Absolute Sound called “world-class power amplification at an affordable price.”  Regarding the two models, AVA says: “There is no compromise in sound in the Fet Valve 400R. There is no compromise in parts in the Fet Valve 400R. There is no compromise in quality in the Fet Valve 400R. The only difference [from the Fet Valve 600R] is that the Fet Valve 400R produces 200 Watts per channel. For those not needing to drive the most inefficient speakers, the Fet Valve 400R is an excellent choice.”

This is the upgrade version with champagne front panel, blue power LED, and anti-transformer-hum circuitry built in. Much nicer looking, I think, than the standard panel and rocker switch.

I bought this amp new from AVA in September, 2014. It is in excellent condition with no signs of wear I can see. It's been used in a nonsmoking environment, inaccessible to our pet, and it functions perfectly. Listening to my system recently, a local audio professional guessed that it was an $8,000 amp.

Current price from AVA is $2999. I am asking $1850 + actual freight. The amp has been packed carefully in a new doublewall carton – it’s ready to take its place in your system! I accept PayPal, and you don't pay extra. Local pickups OK. You can check my perfect feedback on eBay as user "ncwaves" and on Audiogon as "mike_in_nc". All offers considered seriously. Ships with power cord and owner’s manual.

Shipping dimensions (inches) 25 x 25 x 14. Weight 43 lb.  Ships from Portland, Oregon 97214.  Local pickups OK.

Photos are available in my ad at US Audio Mart.  Using the "View Image" feature of your brower, you can get the photos to display in higher resolution than the US Audio Mart default.
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Mike in NC

Re: FS: AVA Fet Valve 400R Power Amp (hybrid)
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