V25 Preamp Controller - External Control Via UART Commands

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Hi All,

The V25 preamp controller can now be controlled by any external control device via simple 2-wire UART serial communications using a set of fairly simple commands. Such external devices might include an Arduino type microcontroller, a PC, a MAC or any other device with programmable UART communications.

This External Control feature is documented in our online Product Documentation which can be found via this link: https://www.tortugaaudio.com/support/product-documentation

Click on "V25 Preamp Controller" to show the menu and then select the submenu item "V25 UART Command Codes".

I've created this as a separate sticky topic since user Q&A on this will likely be fairly technical and relevant only to DIY'ers.

Enjoy!    :thumb:


Re: V25 Preamp Controller - External Control Via UART Commands
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Cool. Now I just need my V25 board. :)

I'm sure I will have a few questions as I dig into it.