Contributing to Accuraterip database with XLD?

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Jonathon Janusz

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Contributing to Accuraterip database with XLD?
« on: 2 Sep 2017, 05:57 pm »
A google search failed me in coming up with an answer to this question.  I'm using XLD from my mac to rip CDs into my locally stored music collection, and accuraterip is to me a valuable contribution to ensuring quality rips.  Many of the CDs I've ripped have had few (or no) entries in the accuraterip database to compare against, and I'm wondering if XLD has some way of uploading my own rip log data to the database to do my (small) part in improving the accuraterip system itself.

I know that many around here have moved on to completely streamed music services, but I still like to keep my music local, and don't mind helping a good cause that makes that possible when I can.  :D

dB Cooper

Re: Contributing to Accuraterip database with XLD?
« Reply #1 on: 5 Sep 2017, 10:48 am »
I have a 'homebrew' user guide for XLD.  I checked there and in the app and didn't see a way to add data to the database.  It's not up to date but has recommended settings for ripping (some of the recommendations may be different than the defaults). I'll email you the pdf if you pm me with your email.

I had a fairly big collection of CD rips accumulated over the years and needed to to some metadata housecleaning. Best option I found for this is Metadatics which is $10 IIRC in the Mac App Store. Info for many discs, especially more obscure ones, in the databases is often inaccurate, incomplete, or missing (or some combination) and Metadatics makes fixing these problems fairly easy and quick.

I do use Tidal hi fi but have ripped a lot of my CDs (losslessly) over the years so I also needed a solution for local content and these two apps cover the bases well for me.