Introducing the Furutech DPS-4 Power Cable!

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Introducing the Furutech DPS-4 Power Cable!
« on: 31 Aug 2017, 05:56 pm »
ZenWave Audio is excited to offer the new Furutech DPS-4 Power Cable!  :D  The cable will be available in bulk or terminated with Furutech FI-50 NCF plugs.

Why the DPS-4? This cable is quite possibly the most advanced AC cable ever designed and produced, and it sounds like it. Also, it's not ridiculously expensive. Ok, it's expensive but it's also very much in-line with ZenWave's mission... offering the best value possible. This includes cables that perform in the cost-no-object category for fair prices.

I won't go into the technical features too much as they are described very well by Furutech, but I will say the geometry of the conductors simply can't be replicated by hand, the counter-rotating spirals of copper stranding are unlike how a typical stranded wire is constructed. Both OCC and DUCC type copper are used, and are the very best kinds of copper wire available. This isn't over-the-top claims either, the DUCC copper is made by Mitsubishi, they are one of the largest producers of machinery and other products in the world. The copper also does not touch PVC, which is very rare in machine-made cables, instead it's insulated with pure teflon, pvc is used for protective jacketing but does NOT touch the conductors. In addition, the wrap around the conductors contains carbon and other materials designed to reduce noise and vibration, and it has a double shield... both foil and braid. Overall construction quality of this cable is in another league!

Most importantly, how does it sound? More like nothing than anything else I've tried... it's as simple as that. Less noise, greater clarity and resolution, exceptional dynamics. It doesn't emphasize anything, and it adds less of it's own character to the sound vs any other cable I've tried, which has the result of allowing you to hear more music. This is another reason the DPS-4 fits in so well with ZenWave Audio, the DPS-4 has the same kind of sonic character my other top end cables go for... to be as neutral and resolving as possible without producing fatiguing artifacts. Combine this cable with my D4 IC and SMSG SC and you'll have a loom of cables that perform at the highest levels for a fraction of the cost of cables sold through dealers with huge ad budgets. And, these cables will beat a huge majority of them too.


Introductory Special: FREE termination, techflex jacket, burn-in and shipping! This puts the price of a terminated DPS-4 cable a good bit lower than my competition.

The DPS-4 cable is $450/meter. The FI-50 NCF plugs are $385 each. So, a 2-meter cable would go for $1670. This is THE lowest price I've seen anywhere! 

Why not offer less expensive plugs? Because it's best to go with the FP-S55N or my own PL cable and the FI-50 NCF plugs if you want to save money. The plugs make more of a difference vs the cable, so you're better off keeping the NCF plugs and going with the less expensive cable rather than vice versa. The S55N is offered with FI-28(R) plugs which cost $139 instead of $385, they use the exact same electrical contacts. The S55N/FI-28(R) combination is absolutely the best value in power cables in it's price range and is less than half the price of the DPS-4/NCF combination. So we have you covered if your budget is <$1k too.  :)