Le Mans 1955

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Le Mans 1955
« on: 29 Aug 2017, 02:27 am »
I just watched a documentary on UK TV channel "Yesterday" on the 1955 24 hours of Le Mans race, where an accident claimed about 100 spectator lives.

If you're unfamiliar, at the time the pits were on one side of the track, and on the opposite side, with a picket fence barrier, were the spectator stands. A car rear-ended another, riding up on the sloped back, became airborne in a "cobra" position, before entering the grand stands.

I say "about 100" because to this day there is no official death toll, minimum 87 and possibly 30~40 higher. No one knows.

Mercedes and Jaguar quit racing after the incident for 30 years.

Very sobering film to view, thought provoking, and of course terribly tragic event. I was a bit stunned and numb by the end of it. A powerful film by any standards.

Just a note about the channel, I subscribe to a "UK TV" package on my ROKU streaming stick, it costs me $C 2.09 per month [$US 1.68 / € 1.43 / £ 1.28]. About 15 channels.


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This is the documentary that was broadcast: