WANTED: New Jersey Mopar Expert to Inspect 1966-67 Muscle Car

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I am contemplating the purchase of a 1966-67 Dodge muscle car located South of the Greenville area of New Jersey, just below Route #78. I know what I'm looking for and what I like, but have no mechanical experience or trained eye for possible defects, etc... I'm looking for one of you audio crazies out there (that happens to be a muscle car enthusiast as well) who would be willing to accompany me to check out a car like this.

Please LMK what your experience is. I don't know what the seller's schedule is right now, but tell me when you're available to go see it. (Of course, tell me what your charges would be to do so as well.) I'd like to do this ASAP.



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Call Marano and Son's in Garwood.  He deals in antique, classic cars and would probably know where you should go.


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The only 66-67 Dodge muscle cars I can think of would be the 66-67 Chargers or a Coronet.   Engine choices would be:

361 big block
383 big block
440 big block
426 hemi big block

4 speed manual or the 727 torqueflite automatic (3 speed) would be the transmissions that were available.  Those 727's are just about indestructable.

I believe the 440 was typically a couple of hundred dollar upgrade.  The hemi was a 1000 dollar upgrade on a 2500 dollar car.

In the 70's,  I had a '66 Plymouth Belvedere.  Same body/engine/drivetrain as a Satellite and the next near that car became the GTX.

In '68, the body changes and that's when the Road Runner/Coronet R/Ts showed up.  The hot Coronet was the Super Bee.

The 66 B-Body's in 2 door hardtop configuration still really appeal to me.



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If you are looking for a numbers matching original, you will need a shop to examine the engine, trans, rearend, etc. for correct numbers. The national authority on originality and verifying originality is Galen Govier.