Offered WT Ref. arm+Classic arm,LP lab/ Marigo+black platter what's fair price

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I'm looking to buy WT table.I do not know
the value of older WT, it seem the prices are very low to very high on the same type of table. Saw an old eBay add and a Ref. Table and arm went for $1100 is this normal? I ran across this as a package deal to purchase.A WT Classic table round motor with a Referance arm and also Classic Arm with Marigo brass cup , LP  lab modded arm, acrylic platter and black patter and clamp. I would buy and build a table and sell the rest.Which arm is the best ,I'm new here so I'm quessing the Ref. What is a fair price for all of this. If I buy this is anybody interested in one of the arms or acrylic platter let me know we may be able to work something out if your interested,thanks
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