WT record player arm has no antiskate/ help

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WT record player arm has no antiskate/ help
« on: 19 Aug 2017, 09:22 pm »
I'm looking to buy an older WT table the Record Player or Classic. Noticed arm is more basic on RP than classic style arm. Does this hurt performance or just make it harder to set up. Does anyone know if The Record Players tonearm L shaped post will pivot for overhang and how is aniskate achieved vs the Classic. Thanks for any help
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Re: WT record player arm has no antiskate/ help
« Reply #1 on: 21 Aug 2017, 03:52 pm »
I've owned the WTRP below for over 25 years and changed cartridges 3-4 times; never had an issue with adjusting overhang.  The arm post does pivot and the cartridge mounting point on my arm version has about a 1/2-inch of travel.  The post also moves up/down to adjust VTA and locks with a set screw accessible on the right side of the plinth.

Anti-skate is not adjustable and is provided by the natural twisting action of the monofilament arm suspension as well as the drag of the goop in the cup.  Again, it's not something that I've ever found a problem.

Having set up several "traditional" turntables before I owned this one, I wouldn't say it's any more difficult a task.  The trick is patience: give the table a bit of time to settle after making an adjustment as the goop provides a resistance that makes it easy to over-adjust.  Not unusual to have to tweak azimuth back/forth a bit to get it to settle down where you want it.  The knob at the top of the post is used for this.

Manual available here: https://www.vinylengine.com/library/well-tempered/record-player.shtml (requires registration)