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Aperta or Modular Aluminum.  Which one?


Re: IsoAcoustics
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The one's I have in the classified section.   ;)


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Re: IsoAcoustics
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I talked to the owner about footers for my speaker and he said the basic tech is the same in all of their products, so I'd buy what fits right and looks best to you.

I'm currently using sub stands under my 15" woofer cabs (2 each) and they greatly reduce the amount of vibration transmitted to the structure of my house.


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Re: IsoAcoustics
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The Aperta series are functionally similar to the original [pro sound] LR series only gussied up for the home market.  The modular series is a way to extend the Isoacoustics isolation system to larger and heavier components.

The original LR series is made of ABS with steel tubes and rubber donuts.  I don't expect that we would see an appreciable performance difference with the aluminum Aperta series.  If anything, I would expect maybe a little less self-damping from the aluminum frames, but since they are sandwiched between the floor and a heavy speakers I think that the difference would be negligible.


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Re: IsoAcoustics
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