Modified Class-D Audio SDS-470, $SOLD

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Modified Class-D Audio SDS-470, $SOLD
« on: 12 Aug 2017, 09:02 pm »
Priced for quick sale!
This is a modified version beyond the stock SDS-470. Built and modified from the kit from Class D audio, it has the following additional features:
- For power supply it uses Connex SMPS-800R instead of the stock unregulated transformer and filter setup. This is a much more expensive option and delivers a more controlled and powerful sound.
- An additional sets of filter capacitors, including expensive film capacitors, have been added after the power supply at the amp board (See picture.) This adds significant refinement to the top end.
- Instead of gain pots found in the stock SDS-470, for purer signal paths it has a pair of soldered Shinkoh tantalum resistors for low gain and a pair of Dale resistors as jumpers for high gain.

In addition, a small and easily removable fan has been added to ensure good airflow even in tight spaces. Both balanced inputs and RCA inputs are supported but the only the RCA inputs are connected now; the balanced one can be connected easily with a screw driver.

Google for the raving reviews; the stock one has been favored over $8k tube amps.

There is nothing to pick about this amp; I'm moving soon and I'm just keeping a class A/B amp that sounds similar for lossless/high-res but is little more forgiving of lossy Youtube videos.

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Re: Modified Class-D Audio SDS-470, $300 only!
« Reply #1 on: 13 Aug 2017, 05:24 am »
PM sent for purchase.