The new Danville Signal High Performance DSP Audio Processor is here!

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Received the first batch of the new High Performance DSP Audio Processors with LCD display and remote control system.   New DSP Concepts Audio Weaver software version dedicated to this hardware is installed on a HAL MS-3 Music Server for trials with The Megalith speakers.   

Have translated the original Megalith crossover into the latest AWE system and have it running for listening trials.  Initial trials with my headphone setup were excellent as a HiRez PCM DAC, iFI iCans and HiFiMan HE500 phones with the MS-3 as the music source.

The components of the system are the dspMusik RevD motherboard, uC and LCD display for both front panel control or IR remote control with the included unit. 

This unit is now a HAL system as it is customized for my customers use with the DSP Crossover developed for their system.

The front panel control or remote control allows the user to control 8 channel DAC volume, mute, input selection, ADC filter select, DAC filter select, ADC input range control, DAC output range control.  This gives a more optimal input and output voltage range depending on attached system needs.

Please contact me for further information.



HAL, can you give us more info on these Danville processors and what exactly they are capable of?  Can they convolve?  Or are you limited to PEQ filters?

I've always thought them to be interesting...but never really sure where / how they fit in with the other alternatives (DEQX, miniDSP, computer DSP solutions, etc...)



The DSP Concepts Audio Weaver (AWE) program is a DSP library of modules that the programmer can use for different tasks.  For example Butterworth, Linkwitz-Reily HP/LP/BP filters for crossovers, time delays, convolvers, scalar multipliers and level controls to build multichannel systems. The crossover filters can be up to 8 poles with excellent sounding results. This is then compiled on the Windows PC platform and burned into the Analog Devices DSP processor for use in the system.  All integrated into AWE.  There is a specific version of AWE that works with the hardware for this system.   

Convolution and time delay depend on how long in time you want to process.  The ADSP21479 with its memory can give a decent filter size, but the higher performance DSP, the ADSP21469 will have more external memory for longer convolutional style filters and delays.  This is on the schedule as an upgrade path that can be done to the motherboards.  Danville Signal will be working on this hopefully soon.

Once the units firmware is programmed, then the user has control via the uC remote system with the LCD display. 

More info is at both the DSP Concepts and Danville Signal websites.


Thanks HAL.  Do you know, off-hand, how many taps are available for convolution?

Or, I can check the website and report back.



The standard convolver is 64 taps. 

The FIR convolver is up to 1024, but depends on the rest of the program memory in use with the ADSP21479.

AWE Server will give you a realtime readout of the processing parameters like memory use and processing cycles. 


Thank you, Hal.



Getting ready to ship a dspMusikLCD to dpd as an update to his RevD system.  New firmware and LCD display compared to his RevD for use with the updated version of Audio Weaver.

The updated Audio Weaver program has a new user interface and improved high performance Linkwitz-Riley and Butterworth filters that can now be used in block diagrams for crossovers. 

Have also updated the ACA LS-9 crossover and VMPS RM50 crossover block diagrams for use with the dspMusikLCD for other customers to try.  The VMPS RM40 crossover will be updated as well for trials. 

Will soon be testing the dspMusikLCD updated crossover for The Megaliths since the update is complete.  This should be interesting!