DECWARE Radial Omni Loudspeaker ERRx

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DECWARE Radial Omni Loudspeaker ERRx
« on: 2 Aug 2017, 11:10 pm »
Pretty fascinating design.  Do these qualify as enclosures or am I in the wrong forum?

What about the four posts holding up the cap?  As nifty and architectural as they are, is there not a likelihood that they'll interfere with the tweeter dispersion?  Mind you, I'm willing to make sacrifices for looks.  As I may have mentioned elsewhere 8)

Just missed a pair of these on the secondary market :duh:


Re: DECWARE Radial Omni Loudspeaker ERRx
« Reply #1 on: 2 Aug 2017, 11:49 pm »
The posts do not interfere with dispersion. They are there to prevent shipping damage and better visually with no grill needed. This my recollection from reading about them on the Decware forum. I do not own them.


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Re: DECWARE Radial Omni Loudspeaker ERRx
« Reply #2 on: 3 Aug 2017, 03:56 am »
Absolutely the right forum.  And yes, I wonder about the largish wooden posts too.  I would think you couldn't avoid somewhat unpredictabe frequency dependent diffraction.  I didn't read anything about this on the web site, perhaps I missed it, but it seems obvious that Decware thinks the posts are better than grillcloth.  Can't remember having heard them, however the design looks interesting.


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Re: DECWARE Radial Omni Loudspeaker ERRx
« Reply #3 on: 3 Aug 2017, 04:56 am »
They are great speakers that can throw a really wide soundstage. Great paired with SET amps. I owned a pair of ERRx for a year. 

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Re: DECWARE Radial Omni Loudspeaker ERRx
« Reply #4 on: 3 Aug 2017, 07:04 am »
If in fact sound waves move in like manner to ripples
on the surface of water,  then there's no way those 4
needlessly huge posts will allow the sound to travel
free of consequence as illustrated in the picture below.


Furthermore, does that tweeter radiate evenly across its
range in a smooth 360° pattern?


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Re: DECWARE Radial Omni Loudspeaker ERRx
« Reply #5 on: 3 Aug 2017, 11:39 am »
Omni directional speakers are supposed to be located well into the room. 

I heard the original version of this speaker (RL-1).  It produced a soundstage above the speakers (a strange/awkward presentation). 

I agree that the posts (and top cap) are bound to block/cause interference with the tweeter dispersion. 

At higher frequencies the tweeter is prone to beaming, so this design cannot be truly omni-directional.