What speaker cables have had the best sound with the GR Research Super V?

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In the spirit of @Cheeseboy's thread about amps and the Super Vs, I thought I'd start a discussion about speaker cables, which have worked well with the Super Vs.

I've current tried the:
1) Blue Jeans Cables Ten White
2) Decware Zen Styx

Currently considering Auditorium 23s and/or Analysis Plus Oval XX. WyWires also intrigue me.

Would love to know what everyone is using with their Vs (or other GR Research speakers).


I'm going to start with the Voodoo Cable Renaseance speaker cable and the Blue Jeans Ten White as well. 


I use BJC 10 White and 12 White. I have some difficulty getting the tube connectors on the 10 Whites.

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I'm still using the Electra Cable B-6 and have yet to find better.