To sub or not to sub...head to head

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To sub or not to sub...head to head
« on: 20 Jul 2017, 03:02 pm »
The Bryston Model T speakers provide a dynamic range that can be defined as "wide, forward and ever so slightly bright". I positioned them where they are no longer fatiguing. The mids are real sonic nirvana! Buttery smooth and warm depending on the source. The triple eight woofers hit a sweet low spot on certain sources, never overpower and stay true to its sound character. It moves enough air that would please 95% of people.
I like to listen to my music at above average levels. Could be my failing ears after years of professionally djing. I want to feel the music! The room is ~20x30'.

The area to address: the highs need to be complimented with a tight, snappy punch that can be had with a designated sub.
I've looked at the following choices but open to any suggestions.

Model T Subwoofer
Paradigm Reference Sub 12

My system:

Bryston 4B3
Bryston Model T signature speakers
Simaudio MOON NEO Preamp
OPPO UDP-205 for DAC
Rotel RQ-970BX Phono Preamp
AT-AL150 Cartridge


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Re: To sub or not to sub...head to head
« Reply #1 on: 20 Jul 2017, 07:16 pm »
How many subs are you thinking of?  (The more the better to minimize +/- 20 dB in-room responses.)

Audio only (sealed recommended), HT only (ported recommended), or both (sealed recommended)?

The Bryston is big (as is your room) and expensive.  For the price I'd much rather have 4 well respected servo Rythmik 15" sealed or dual 12" sealed subs for the same price as that Bryston (or less).


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Re: To sub or not to sub...head to head
« Reply #2 on: 21 Jul 2017, 02:12 pm »
Initially I was thinking of the one and how it integrates with my current Bryston's. I was looking at the Velodyne SPL-1500R. A crossover isn't a bad investment either.