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  • Soundfield Audio speaker Demo: 18 Jul 2017

Audio demo in Tampa/Sarasota FL

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Audio demo in Tampa/Sarasota FL
« on: 18 Jul 2017, 11:44 pm »
The Suncoast/Sarasota Audio clubs will be hosting speaker demo by Soundfield Audio of Tampa. The following is a description of what we will have on hand.

1) 8" 2 way bookshelf, waveguide dome tweeter. Hybrid sub/woofer driver extends bass into 20s. 2x250w DSP amp.
2) Tower 12" coax dipole (yes, kind of like yours!), 2x12" cardioid woofers, one rear firing 12" sealed sub. 3x400w DSP amps.
Added to each will be a 2x2 (4 drivers total) array of rear firing 5" wideband drivers (similar to drivers on rear of Bose 901 ;-) ), These are independently driven by a separate DSP amp with delay and other processing.
Everything up front is pure 2ch stereo, driven by a Mytek Brooklyn DAC/pre, fed from a laptop with a Audioengine D2 24bit wireless unit.

A second Audioengine D2 wireless receiver feeds a HK Logic7 processor the same stereo signal as up front. The HK powers a pair of rear channel "surrounds".
So it's a "surround" stereo setup.

This will take place at the Sun City Center Community Center in the Heritage Room from 1-5pm on Saturday July 22nd. Address is at 945 North Course Lane, Sun City Center, FL 33573, Sun City Center, FL  Additional details at the Sarasota Audio Society page on Meetup.