RMAF 2017 show special rate room reservation link for Marriott

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I just booked a room at this Link.   I contacted the hotel to get the RMAF special rate link.  Book a room if you are thinking of going as it can sell out.  You can always cancel.  I haven't looked to see if others around are cheaper but it is convenient to be staying at the hotel.

Big Red Machine

Booked, thanks Rim!!

Phil A

Thank You!


I reserved my room but I may have to cancel depending upon how busy we will be with the move to Charlottesville. 


After missing last year for the first time since I started going in 2005, I am looking forward to this year. I missed seeing all the good folks and listening to some good sound. I'm booked next door at the Hilton Garden Inn (slave to Hilton Honor Points).


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Thanks for the link. BTW how are you ?