Heads up: Chromecast Audio + network = DSD! playback

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I recently discovered my Chromecast Audio can play DSD files in both DSF and DFF formats as well as 24/96 PCM. What!? I hear you say... it's true, that biscuit-sized low-cost, big-value gadget just got even valueer.

For the last few weeks or so, I've been using the DS Audio Station app (the music app for my Synology NAS) on my phone to cast stereo DFF from my NAS straight to my Chromecast Audio, which itself is connected to my amp via analogue. I'm pretty sure the DSD is converted to PCM on the fly - probably 24/88.2 - but it sounds just fine regardless. In fact, I guess the only downside is it doesn't quite support gapless playback. There's no real pause to speak of, but a whisper-quiet click can be heard between tracks which suggests playback isn't truly gapless.

So there you go, if you've got lots of DSD files and want a low-cost, high-quality means of playing them, the Chromecast Audio is the way to go*

* Other gadgets are available. NAS not supplied.