Scratchy selector switch

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Scratchy selector switch
« on: 9 Dec 2004, 04:30 pm »
Well whaddaya know - I didn't know this company and Monolithic were related.  Cool.

I've got a PA-1 preamp and the #1 position on the selector switch is kinda ticking me off.  It's all scratchy and the right channel cuts out unless I wiggle the thing.  Way out of warranty of course, but I was curious about possible remedies.  I haven't taken the thing apart yet, but is it possible to get some contact cleaner inside the switch or are there no holes in it?  

Or could anyone recommend a replacement switch of superior make perhaps?



Scratchy selector switch
« Reply #1 on: 9 Dec 2004, 05:09 pm »
It's odd to have a noisey selector switch but I have seen 1 or 2. They are very high quality, English made Lorlin rotary switches. Call me and I can tell you how to clean it.