SQ - what is the difference between TBI Millenia and TPA 3116??

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Wind Chaser

I cannot believe how good the TPA 3116 is. For the time being I am using this unit to power the Spatial M3 Turbo S, as my 8 watt SET chokes on the Spatial load and comes up empty. The 3116 has a deep, robust, tight bottom end, and has no problem driving the Spatials to very high levels despite the 3Ω to >100Ω load. The presentation is relaxed, detailed and very 3 dimensional. I'm flat out astonished not merely as to how well this cheap amp pairs with the Spatials, but how good it sounds period. That's really quite something when you consider that it costs less than half of what the input tubes alone cost on the 8 watt SET.

Now it seems like it has been a few years since there was a thread or two on the TBI Millenia, the modern day giant killer that a number of people said sounded better in the mid range than the mighty n-core! Of course the first consideration is can the TBI handle the Spatial load? Because if it can't, then there's no need for further consideration. However, my understanding is the TBI is a tricked out variation of the 3116 and therefore *it should* be able to deal with impedances ranging from 3Ω and up.

So has anyone compared the the TBI Millenia to the TPA 3116? If so, what is your take away?