Willing to talk about my Songtowers, possible FS in Gainesville, FL

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Hi, everyone.

I'm in the proud and long-term owner of a pair of Salk Songtowers and in a couple of weeks I'm moving to Cambodia. My plan has been to ship my ST's (not quite as insane as it sounds, but near-enough). While that's still my first preference, I thought I'd at least open a dialogue on the subject of whether someone might be interested in buying them and, if so, perhaps we could spitball an approximate value for them, before I decide?

They are *not* in pristine condition: There's some marring and a corner-scratch or two to the veneer (I'd be happy to take some more-detailed photos), but in the image below you can at least see the veneer choice and, you will note, the upgraded tweeters, which Jim threw in at no charge because he was out of the standard ones. The upper mid drivers have also recently been replaced, since the originals were damaged by cats. 

Again, I don't really know what I'm doing, so please don't get too mad and/or impatient with me. Really I'm just trying to feel out the question of how badly I'd miss them overseas and, given a *rough* estimate of their value here in the community, whether or not I might be better off (gulp!) trying to replace them when I get over there. I also have a custom-made felix power filter that I'd be much less conflicted about selling, if anyone is interested. I'll post that in the trading post section.

Cheers, peace, and good times.
Dave O'Gorman
Gainesville, Florida