Tempest preamp DC offset and channel balance

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Tempest preamp DC offset and channel balance
« on: 27 Jun 2017, 02:29 pm »
I have purchased the Tempest preamp from Klaus a couple of months ago and have been enjoying it ever since. The preamp is mated to the Stratos amp. Great sound.
Recently using a multi meter I measured the DC offset and channel balance at its L & R output. The DC was around 0.1 mv and the right channel output is greater than the left.
Could this be the reason since I was not quite happy with the center image.
Anyway looking at the PCB inside there are 2 blue trimpots near the output stage of this preamp. I read somewhere that these 2 trimpots can be used to adjust the above.
Without having the proper instruction I do not want to touch it.
Request to Klaus or any members of this forum if they know how to adjust and have the instruction handy. It would be very helpful.