High Performance Listening with EVOKE Loudspeakers

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John Casler

High Performance Listening with EVOKE Loudspeakers
« on: 22 Jun 2017, 09:38 pm »
High Performance Listening with EVOKE Loudspeakers

First of all we as Audiophiles and People who appreciate Music and its reproduction likely fall in the intersection portions a Venn Diagram of 2 Circles.

Circle Number ONE is Music Appreciation, Circle Number TWO is Reproduction Gear Appreciation.

That said this thread is about the practice of employing better performing gear in the quest to find a more realistic sonic value to more serious listening.

In deference to those who are perfectly happy to enjoy their music as more a backdrop to other activities such as reading, cleaning, or whatever, THIS is focused on the very activity I call HIGH PERFORMANCE LISTENING.


While you can employ High Performance Listening with virtually ANY level of gear and speakers, the whole idea, is to use the best you can to reproduce a recorded performance.  So, while you can take your old jalopy to the drag strip, or your old Datsun to track and race around and enjoy it, the real fun comes when you have gear that “takes you there”.

Now of course, because this is the EVOKE Circle and I am a dealer and spokesperson for EVOKE I am promoting HIGH PERFORMANCE LISTENING with our products.  That said, it obviously can be enjoyed with any number of excellent speakers and components.

How do you listen in HIGH PERFORMANCE? 

Ultimately, the components are:

1) Excellent Source and Source Material (See the sticky started where I will post Reference cuts)
2) Excellent Electronics
3) Excellent Speakers (in this case my suggestion is EVOKE speakers)
4) A well put together (maybe even dedicated) Listening Space

To be truly High Performance, you will be able to listen preferably more Nearfield, and in what is called the SWEET SPOT.  This is a seated position equidistant from each speaker so that the room/system projects an Acoustic Hologram called a SOUNDSTAGE with Sonic Images of the various performers discernible in 3-D space. 

As a dealer I quite often hear the ooohs and ahaaas from some who have never really achieved this Sonic Phenomenon at all, or to the degree I have in my demo space.  I have studied the PsychoAcoustics since the 1970s (almost 50 years) when I was first educated by Jon Dahlquist and Saul Marantz, then later Harry Pearson on how to achieve some of these goals. 

Now there are literally “hundreds” of qualities and goals one might have when High Performance Listening.  Below is a SHORT LIST, but each one has multiple strands of properties that support it and various methods to achieve them.

In no particular order (as each Audiophile prioritizes their own list of properties)

1) Frequency Response
2) Soundstage Width, Height, Depth
3) Phase Coherency – Time Alignment
4) Harmonic Overtones
5) Dynamic Range
6) Image Placement, and Size
7) Transparency
8) Lifelike Loudness – SPL
9) The right Directivity for your room and system
10) A matching SPL Sweet Spot for your room and listening habits

Now I am sure I will think of a few more, and will edit/add if I do, but these are some of the main properties

Now remember in that VENN DIAGRAM your adherence to the High Performance Properties CAN BE supplanted by the MUSICAL ENJOYMENT Property, or overridden.  That is, If you like a certain SOUND “real or not” don’t be afraid to go for it.  There are many ways to reproduce a musical performance through a playback system and all that REALLY COUNTS is WHAT YOU LIKE.

That said, EVOKE speaker Model offer you the best tools and a reasonable price to achieve virtually ALL and ANY of these goals.

I will, in future posts elaborate on just how and why, I chose EVOKE for my primary speaker offering for my friends, customers and clients, and why I feel they help satisfy and achieve the virtues most seek when High Performance Listening.

As I always say, “Stay Tuned”.


Re: High Performance Listening with EVOKE Loudspeakers
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Best of luck! :thumb:
A great way to get the word out , maybe to do a tour , where members listen, review, and ship to the next
Audio circle member. Just a thought.

John Casler

Re: High Performance Listening with EVOKE Loudspeakers
« Reply #2 on: 27 Jun 2017, 05:40 pm »
Best of luck! :thumb:
A great way to get the word out , maybe to do a tour , where members listen, review, and ship to the next
Audio circle member. Just a thought.

Hi Stirman,

We are considering a tour, once production is to the point we can get a pair open.