FS: Miyajima Madake Stereo Cartridge

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FS: Miyajima Madake Stereo Cartridge
« on: 19 Jun 2017, 09:43 am »
Less than 50 hours on it. The cartridge is practically brand new.

Price: €3450 (shipping included)
(Price when new: €4900)

The Miyajima Madake uses a cantilever made of the strongest type of Japanese bamboo called Madake (Phyllostachys bambusoides). The result is an even more detailed and musical presentation than the already stunning Kansui. This is Miyajima’s masterpiece, a state-of-the-art instrument that will challenge any cartridge at any price point.

Detailed pictures of the unit available upon request.



Body type : African blackwood
Frequency response : 20Hz to 32kHz
Output level : 0.23mV
Impedance : 16 ohms
Tracking force : 2.5g
Stylus type : Shibata
Compliance 100Hz : 9×10-6cm/dyne
Weight : 9.7g