Loving the new BDP-3!

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Re: Loving the new BDP-3!
« Reply #40 on: 3 Jul 2018, 08:27 pm »
The problem with comparing mpd “offline” vs roon is your not necessarily isolating the network as the culprit as you have also changed which piece of software is rendering the audio.  Do local files play fine through roon and is it just tracks from TIDAL or is it both local files and tracks from TIDAL?  Can you use MPD to play files from a NAS or TIDAL (the beta/test build should have a TIDAL option in Media Player)?


Sold it and the Bda3.
Using Lumin D1 witch never had a single problem.


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Re: Loving the new BDP-3!
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Does the BDP 3 beat the Pi sonically or do they sound the same?

Having had both the BDP3 has the edge. 


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Re: Loving the new BDP-3!
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Thanks Matt