Tono Speakers! WOW!!

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Tono Speakers! WOW!!
« on: 16 Jun 2017, 05:29 am »
I just took delivery of 2 pairs of the sealed version of the Tono Speakers.  I have been putting off for awhile getting some nice speakers to match my front three for the home system.  I wanted to get something that would match nicely with the "Okinawa Trio" I purchased last year from Selah.  Currently I am using some in ceiling for ATMOS and surrounds which was acceptable but I wanted something more to match the front three for the sides.  I came across a resale and immediately purchased them at a very good price I could not pass.  I have been eyeing the Tonos since they came out last year.

Upon delivery, I hooked up 1 set at a time setting them up as front left and right to ensure they were working properly after traveling halfway around the world to get to me, and to hear how well they sound and match my existing speakers.  All I can say is WOW!  These are some exceptional speakers and timbre match perfectly with my existing speakers.  In a blind test it would have been hard to tell the difference between my existing speakers and the Tonos other than at reference levels for home theater.  Playing lossless music with them in 2 channel mode the Tonos really shined!

I am waiting on getting my electrician out to the  house to run the wires for permanent setup.  The wife will be gone this weekend I will will temporarily set them up for some movie action.  Hacksaw Ridge in 4k HDR is scheduled for Saturday night.  Since I only need 1 set for surrounds I will use the other set for the desk.

I am very happy with the addition of these speakers, and I am glad I waited instead of getting something just to fill the void. 

Phil A

Re: Tono Speakers! WOW!!
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Congrats on the purchase - enjoy!