Amp for sale

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Mr Peabody

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Amp for sale
« on: 14 Jun 2017, 02:12 am »
I'm selling a Coda CSX with about 2 years warranty left.  It's listed in the Trading Post for specs.

The amp has a very tube like character with loads of power.  A very sweet sounding amp with ample micro/macro dynamics, background singers are intelligible and on stage with the main performer, melody is a strong point in the amp.  It's not slow but has an ease that will allow you to listen for long periods.

The amp has 2 sets of binding posts.  I have the original box/manual.  Faceplate is perfect, a couple marks on top.

I hope it's alright to post here, a local sale would be great.  Plus you can hear the amp in person.

Bob in St. Louis

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