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We are starting a list of items that have been donated to the silent auction.  The opening bid is noted for each item.  Photos are here...

Donations are very welcome.  If you have any audio-related items you no longer need, consider donating them and taking a tax-deduction. Washington Overseas Mission can accept electronic donations as well, if you wish to support the medical mission effort but are unable to donate gear, attend the fundraiser, or participate in the auction. This is the site, please note in the comments section the donation is tendered for Abbe S., Honduras Medical Mission at

Please note the silent bid auction will conclude with a live auction at Dave's house, during the event, on Sunday, June 4, between 2 and 5 pm. We can do phone bidding if you are interested, and make arrangements two days prior.

If an out of town bidder wins an auction, payment is requested on Sunday, June 4. We can turn the item won to a known GAS member you designate, or we can turn the item over to David McRunnel, a GAS member who manages an UPS store in Ballwin , MO, who will contact you NLT Tuesday, June 6 COB to arrange for UPS shipping in a manner you proscribe. You will be responsible for shipping. On site payments include cash and personnel check, with ID. Out of town bidders, please provide a phone # with your bid and full name, so we can easily contact you. This worked very well last year. Thanks!

Items that do not meet a floor bid will be sold on other venues to assist in raising the most money we can to support Abbe's mission.

We accept bids via email(, PM, or phone call to my cell phone. Francis, Debbie, and Kent can also forward bids to me.
Any tendered bids will be noted by your name, and amount, at the end of the line ad for the gear you bid to win.

Rebuild of Parts Express RB-1 speaker.  $125

Hafler DH-160 equalizer, with manual, mounting hardware and box.  $25

DBX 3BX mk iii dynamic range expander, with manual, mounting ears, and box.  $300

Coby HDR-650 AM/FM/HD tuner, with remote, manual, and power supply.  $25, Scott F., $30, MikeM., $35

Logitech Squeezebox Duet, Scott F., $125

Lightweight 20 inch all-metal speaker stands.  $10


**Craftsman bottle opener:
**Channellock bottle opener: OPENING BID: $6. sold as a pair.

**2 Music Mugs (OPENING BID: $10.) (Note: sold as set.)
**silver crucifix (OPENING BID: $5.)
**"Ave Maria" music box (OPENING BID: $5.)
**"The Lord's Prayer" music box (OPENING BID: $5.)
**ceramic hand-made bowl (OPENING BID: $7.)
**hand-made metal mesh bowl (OPENING BID: 5.)
**"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" kit: CD, DVD, & screenplay book (OPENING BID: $10.)

(NOTE BY BAUMLI: The above items are to give a non-audio alternative to the sale. One of our eminent members referred to them as "lady enticements," but I won't divulge his name since he might unfairly be accused of sexism.)

**LP record weight made by Gabriel Batson of Tufts & Batson. This one is made of gorgeous  cherry wood. It was hand-turned, sanded, polished, and 7 coats of tung oil were applied, including inside the hole, thus to seal it perfectly against any future warping. OPENING BID: $35. DaveS., $35

**8 D.H. Labs RCA-2c male ends (4 new; 4 used) (OPENING BID: $12.) DaveS., $12(NOTE BY BAUMLI: I am donating these myself. Check on the DH Labs site for the amazing copper purity. But they require a small-diameter wire, which is why I could not use them.)

**4 Cardas male RCA ends (used, in like new condition) (OPENING BID: $12.) (NOTE BY BAUMLI: These also I donated. I took them off and went to the expensive Cardas "Ultimate" ends.) DaveS., $15

**12 Apature male RCA ends--locking (used) (OPENING BID: $14.) (NOTE BY BAUMLI: Here too I am the donor. These got changed out for Cardas "Ultimate" ends. But their sound is amazing. I needed to get away from them because the arthritis in my hands makes it about impossible to handle a locking RCA when it is right up against another RCA.) DaveS., $14

**4 Vibrapod support cones (OPENING BID: $12.)

MANY SOUND RECORDINGS, LPs & CDs: (NOTE BY BAUMLI: Many of these sound recordings--both LPs and CDs--will be sold in "bundles," i.e., the jazz LPs as a group, the rock LPs as a group, etc. But some, the "highlights" so to speak, will be sold separately. Some of these highlights include:

**LP: Emmylou Harris "Gliding Bird" (rare Jubilee record, called the "cheesecake pressing) [Obviously, with Emmylou Harris, to call it "cheesecake" all it takes is one bared, albeit comely, shoulder]. OPENING BID: $35.
**LP: as above, but an even more rare pressing; this one was the DJ promo pressing; jacket is in a tinted black-and-white "color" (OPENING BID: $40.)

(NOTE BY BAUMLI: Sorry, but the above two LPs got mixed around in the picture. Please allow the mistake. I cleaned and auditioned both of these LPs, and can vouche that they are in excellent condition.)

**LP: Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" (in blue-colored vinyl; new & 180-gram!) (OPENING BID: $10.) DaveS., $15
**LP: "Nostalgia Suite" by Roger Kellaway & The Cello Quintet (an original Discwasher audiophile pressing!) (OPENING BID: $7.)

**19 jacketed 45-rpm records, classical, spoken word, miscellaneous (OPENING BID: $5 for all.)
**CD: "The Best of Sade" (rare Japanese import) (OPENING BID: $7.) Scott F., $20
**CD: "Bill Clinton jam session" (Yes; it's our former prez. Bill Clinton jamming on his sax!) (OPENING BID: $7.)

**CD: "Autoharp Legacy" (a new, 3-CD set, very rare) (OPENING BID: $13.)


**Power Cord: Silnote "Poseidon" @ 1-M, cyro-treated, 12-gauge (two) OPENING BID: $150 each. (NOTE BY BAUMLI: One of the best PCs I have auditioned in my system. My system is all solid-state; these sound even better with tube components.) Scott F., $150 each

**Power Cord: Acoustic Research 1.5-M, re-terminated and re-jacketed. (This is the one Sam Tellig raved about.) OPENING BID: $30. DaveS, $30

**Power Cord: Kimber Kable AC-14 @ 6-feet w/ rat-tail end for hard-wiring an existing component. (OPENING BID: $15.)

**Interconnect: AudioQuest "Black Mamba 2" @ 1-M w/ silver RCAs (OPENING BID: $40.) (NOTE BY BAUMLI: The best IC I have tried, period. I have one in my system now, and if no one wants this one, I will gladly take it.) DaveS., $40, MikeM., $65

**Power Cord: Analysis Plus "Pure Power Cord" @ 1-M (oval construction) (two) OPENING BID: $100 EACH. Scott F, $100 Each

**Interconnect: Kimber Kable 1.5-M "PBJ" (OPENING BID: $35.) DaveS., $40

**Power Cord: "Signal Cable" made by Signal Hi-Fi @ 1.5-M, 12-gauge (OPENING BID: $40.)

**Power Cord: Cardas "Cross" with Furutech ends (!!) @ 10-feet (OPENING BID: $100.)

**Power Cord: Cardas "Cross" with Furutech ends (!!) @ 12-feet (OPENING BID: $110.)
(NOTE BY BAUMLI: Please do not overlook the fact that these are factory NOS, and they have the Furutech ends. That is $150 worth of ends on each cord, not counting the wire! And yes; the Furutech ends do sound significantly better than the ones being used by the factory now. The current factory ones are very good, but not as good as the Furutech. Why did they switch? One of the people at the factory told me it was very simple. They could manufacture ends for about $25 each. But they had to pay full price for the Furutech ends, so using Furutech ends wiped out their profit margin, and also wiped out sales opportunities.)

**Power Cord: Acoustic Zen "Tsunami III" @ 1-M (OPENING BID: $65.)

**Power Cord: Acoustic Zen "Tsunami III" @ 5-feet (OPENING BID: $75.)
NOTE BY BAUMLI: This is Robert Lee's latest incarnation of the long-revered "Tsunami." The "III" is different in that it has zero-crystal ends (whereas in earlier versions of the "Tsunami" the wire itself was always zero-crystal, but the ends were not). Plus this one has a very small single strand of ribbon copper right down the middle of the main copper in each leg, which is intended to better handle the highs.

**Monster Cable dual-bananas: 2 sets of 2 (OPENING BID: $10.)
**Power Cord: Apature @ 6-feet (A Kimber Kable clone made by Kimber Kable, and with a sound identical to certain of their modesl!) OPENING BID: $30.oo
**Power Cord: Tice "Power Conductor 2" (TPT treated @ 6') (A true vintage cord, and in Baumli's opinion, the best-sounding piece of wire ever in this auction.) Has four-way switchable tone control box that is in-line to mains. (OPENING BID: $135.oo.) (NOTE BY BAUMLI: In truth, this is what I would call about a four-hundred dollar PC. I am starting the bid low to learn how bidding happens on this sort of item. I suspect it will be coveted by many. I have information explaining the tone-control box, which will be given to the winning bidder.)

(SUMMARY NOTE BY BAUMLI: Some of this wire I myself auditioned. Some I did not, for lack of time, and also certain items I did not want to remove from their factory-sealed box or package. All wire, except for my pristine auditioning with some pieces, is new except for the Tice PC.)

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Dear GAS folk,

Something I had not anticipated has been transpiring, namely, some people are submitting bids already for the audio items. This, I think, is a good idea. There will that day, of course, be much opportunity for bidding, and some bids will be coming in via an auction broadcast on an Internet site. But an early bid gets you at the front from the beginning, and perhaps it will even intimidate a few of your enemies.

So if you want to get a bid in early, feel free to do so, either by posting hereon, or via a PM to myself, or even through a phone call.

Have fun with the process, and don't draw too much blood.

In a sanguine spirit,

Francis Baumli


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We project Sunday the 4th to be cooler than last year, and dry. We have plenty of shade..


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Come on, folks, we need some more bids! And don't forget, you also can donate here, at Washington Overseas Mission, attn. Abbe S. Honduras Mission, at...


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A few more items have been donated to next Sunday's auction.  These items come from Keith Herron of Herron Audio.  They include:

Tektronix 468 Digital scope.  Starts at $100

Tektronix R7704 scope.  Starts at  $125

Tektronix 7603 scope.  Starts at $110

BK Precision Function Generator.  Mike Stehr, Klipsch Forum, $50

Instek Frequency Counter.  Starts at $65

NAD C516BEE CD Player with remote, manual.  $10

Tandberg Reel to Reel Stereo tape deck, Model 64X.  Needs new belts, which are included.  Might have other issues.  DaveS, $15

Sony Digital Audio Processor PCM-501ES.  Believed to be in working order.  No way to test. $50

Belkin AC Line Conditioner, Model AP 41300-10.  Nice looking unit with 13 total conditioned outlets.  $75

Sony 24 inch LCD Monitor.  $10