My Initial Impressions - ZenWave Audio

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nature boy

My Initial Impressions - ZenWave Audio
« on: 13 May 2017, 07:20 pm »
Fellow AC'ers,

I have had the pleasure of listening to one of Dave's Furutech power cords and a pair SMSG speaker cables mated to my Decware Mystery amp over the past two weeks.  The pairing of Dave's cables with my amp and Omega Super Alnico HO floorstanders have been transformative.  The combination is absolutely quiet, quiet and the most effiortless, naturally sounding set up these ears have ever heard.

I have been so impressed that I asked Dave to send some of his interconnects to demo in my system.  Something tells me my Reality Cable and VenHaus Pulsar's are about to be relegated to my bedroom system.

Oh BTW, Dave spends plenty of time on the phone with you talking about his products, materials, and his value oriented approach to his high quality offerings.  He also provides excellent service too!

I'll post a more in depth review when I get some time with the interconnects in my system.

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Re: My Initial Impressions - ZenWave Audio
« Reply #1 on: 14 May 2017, 02:23 am »
Agree 100% on how well Dave's cables work with that combination.  I am using D3 ICs and the SMSG speaker cables with my Decware UFO2 and Omega Super Alnicos.  The cables aren't necessarily cheap but they are well worth the money.

nature boy

Re: My Initial Impressions - ZenWave Audio
« Reply #2 on: 6 Jun 2017, 04:08 pm »
Here is a follow-up review of Dave's cables that I posted in conjunction with my Decware Mystery amplifier and Omega SAHO speakers.  Dave's D3 & D4 interconnect cables are in short outstanding.   These cables are very neutral, exceptionally detailed in the most musical way, and provided a wide/deep 3D soundstage to both CD's and vinyl reproduction.  His  cables are the REAL DEAL and are definitely worth a demo in your system IMHO.  So give Dave a call!


So I have had my Super Alnico High Output speakers hooked up to my Decware Mystery (ZMA) amplifier for about a month now.  Over the last couple of weeks I've been auditioning some of Dave Cahoon's (ZenWave Audio) IC's within my system.

Here are my impressions:  The ZMA is an exceptional, musically satisfying amplifier.  It is absolutely quiet in my system, has perfect tonality to my ears, and creates an insanely accurate 3D soundstage driving Omega Super Alnico High Output speakers.

The sound from my speakers really opened up when I replaced my Reality Cables with ZenWave's offerings (D3 & D4 interconnects and SMSG speaker cables).   I can just hear so deeply into the music now.  It appears that the ZMA/SAHO combination benefits from the best cables you can throw into the mix.

It's difficult for me to put the sound characteristics of the Mystery amplifier, SAHO speaker, and ZenWave cable combination into words.  But to me what best describes this combination is the immersive listening experience you'll enjoy with decent source equipment.  You simply get lost in the music.  And after all isn't that what this hobby journey is all about?

This amplifier was a early retirement gift to myself.  Having worked in the non-profit conservation arena throughout my career, I just count my blessings people like Steve Deckert (Decware), Louis Chochos (Omega Loudspeakers) and Dave Cahoon (ZenWave Audio) make such wonderful and reasonably priced audio products.  Sonic nirvana awaits those who journey well - thanks Steve, Louis and Dave.



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Re: My Initial Impressions - ZenWave Audio
« Reply #3 on: 6 Jun 2017, 05:29 pm »
Thanks for demoing my cables and posting your experience, NB! 

There's no doubt Omega, Decware and ZenWave make for a great system...   :thumb: