Rattlin' tubes

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Rattlin' tubes
« on: 12 May 2017, 07:55 pm »
 My latest purchase from Herbies is a pair of tube dampers.   I already have tenderfoots under every component, including my turntable. Also under my speakers.
 They have all been an improvement to the clarity of my system.  The tube dampers may be the biggest of all of them. What a difference across the entire spectrum.
 The first thing I played was Santana's first album.   The difference in detail and clarity in the percussion was immediately obvious.  I was also able to understand some lyrics that I have never heard with such clarity.
The difference in my  Van Alstine T10RB is amazing!   While  I did expect an improvement, I was very surprised at how big it is.  What a bargain!
Since this was so big, I'll have to keep going. Next up, my tone arm.

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