LAST DAY of Maraschino Video Series Kickstarter

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LAST DAY of Maraschino Video Series Kickstarter
« on: 12 May 2017, 05:14 pm »
We'll soon be down to 24 hours left....

As rewards, we have amazing deals on:
    - Linear Power Supplies for Maraschino amps (new product)
    - DAC DAC (TL or HS)
    - KING Stereo Maraschino
    - MEGAschino and Classic-to-MEGAschino upgrades (new product)
    - Golden Cherry (top of the line Maraschino) and Golden Cherry Upgrade (for KING Maraschino owners)
    - Maraschino Module Development Kit (new product for OEMs and DIY)
    - USB to SPDIF Converter (new product)
    - Dual 60V 1kW Maraschino power supply upgrade
    - INSIDER White Paper (only $4)
    - In-Line Maraschino ("hanging" Cherry)
    - KING In-Line Maraschino ("hanging" Cherry)

Here's the link:

DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY !  Thanks for your support.

-Tommy O