Preorder Special: Neotech/Harmonic Tech Pro 11 and Pro 13 UPOCC Cu Speaker Cable

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Continuing ZenWave Audio's mission of bringing you the absolute best value in cables available today I have been looking for an alternative to my hand-made speaker cables that would offer a more economic alternative. After discussing this with Neotech and considering all options I have decided to offer the Harmonic Technologies Pro Reference Line of Speaker Cables manufactured by Neotech using UPOCC copper insulated with PE.

What makes this cable a better choice vs the multitude of other UPOCC copper cables?

1. Excellent geometry and stranding. Cables are made from optimal gauges individually insulated with PE and arranged in a geometry that balances LCR, no worries about too-high capacitance, the dull sound you get from larger gauge conductors, etc... it's a very good design!

2. No silver plating. Many other companies offer silver plated cable... DH Labs, Wireworld, Neotech, etc. I and many others prefer not to have silver plated wire in speaker cables. Sometimes, in some systems it works just fine, but in others it can sound splashy and have some glare. The pure UPOCC copper in the HT Pro line of cables will work well in just about any system.

3. Price/Value. For the amount of UPOCC copper you get this can't be beat.

Compared to my SMC cables the HT Pro line is very close. My SMC cables use teflon insulation which is 5x more expensive vs PE, between that and the huge amount of labor involved the HT Pro cables are much less expensive but close in performance.

The cable will be available bulk or terminated. It is made primarily of multiple runs of 24g UPOCC copper in PE insulation so there is some labor involved in terminating the cable. It's not difficult but it is time consuming.

These cables are also intended to be used as a bi-wire/bi-amp pair, I like this solution better vs the larger 4-conductor cables that can be terminated either bi-wire or regular, bi-wire should be 2 separate cables ideally.


Pro 11: $42.68/ft   Preorder Special: $35/ft

Pro 13: $34.55/ft   Preorder Special: $28/ft

Termination: $175/pair   Preorder Special: $100


Check out my website, they are sold in sets of 4 so you choose qty 2 for the same connectors on both ends or choose 2 different connectors for either end.

I am also going to offer DH Labs gold plated combi-spades for this cable in the name of maximizing value, these are $20 for an entire set of 8, basically free. I like this much better vs using bare wire ends as the spades won't corrode, they make better contact with binding posts vs bare wire and they are much more convenient. The downside of these spades is they are thin, in contrast the Furutech spades, while much more expensive, use set-screws, UPOCC copper, better quality plating, rhodium is available and they are much thicker and sturdier.

These deals will be available through May. Please get your orders in now and enjoy a significant discount on what's already the best value in speaker cables on the market. Contact me here via PM or email me at

Pictured with "Carbon" techflex. Black is also available. Techflex is free with termination. Bulk cable sales will not include techflex.

Pro 13 shown below, this cable is available for demos if anyone is interested, just let me know! :)


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I'm in... Dave has some very damn good ears, and his D4 interconnects should piss off every single high end cable maker out there. If I could swing his house speaker cables, I surely would, but these sound like a real winner for the price. Message coming....

Thanks for offering them up!!!


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I couldn't agree more. Dave's D4 ICs transformed my system. I'm confident any cable he offers will be extremely high on the sound quality to price ratio.


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The HT cables have been placed on my website with promo/intro pricing still available! Prices include termination, techflex jacket, burn-in and shipping, but do not include connectors. They are sold in sets of 4 so you can choose different connectors for the amp and speaker ends of the cable.

And here are some pics to replace the ones hosted by photobucket:



Any new updates on the HT SC and are there any differences in copper compared to Nanotec 777 SC? I've been using Deulunds DCA 16 Ga bare-wire SC and really like the results on the cheap but would like to try the HT when I receive my new equipment probably within a month or so.



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Hi Wig, hope you're doing well!

I haven't tried the 777, the design is somewhat similar vs the Harmonic cable but some big differences...

- Nano 777 uses 6 runs of ofc copper and 1 run of 6N ofc copper while Harmonic uses all UPOCC copper so far better quality copper.

- Nano is only one leg of the cable so you need 2 runs per cable, it's basically just a wire so you need to twist them or something, and you do want to have even spacing, twist ratio etc so the electrical parameters are the same on both sides. This is done for you with the Harmonic cable, no DIY required unless you want to buy the bulk cable and terminate it yourself.

I've been getting too much mixed feedback on Nanotec to try their cable to be honest. I can only try so much! :)

Duelund wire is nice sounding but the Harmonic cable will be clearer and more neutral. It really is the best deal on speaker cable you'll find, it's a lot of UPOCC copper for the money, right from the folks who make UPOCC copper.



Thanks for the explanation and I'll be in touch when my equipment arrives.

Wig :)