The Golden Oak Lorelei's have a new home.

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The Golden Oak Lorelei's have a new home.
« on: 8 May 2017, 12:56 pm »
I had to pry his arms from around his "babies" and I could hear the uncontrolled weeping blocks away - wailing if you would - but I did separate "CA" from his Golden Oak Lorelei's.

I'm an open baffle kind a guy but having much of Klaus' gear knew that unless I put these in my system I shouldn't judge the boxes until I heard them.  I'm not even sure what track I put on to start but when the bass track kicked in I about jumped out of the chair.  These speakers just disappear (as all should - IMHO).  WOW  :o ...that's a first impression on speakers that I'm sure aren't positioned right.

At the moment the Lorelei's are in the "backup" system where I test listen gear so I don't have to move things around in the main rig.  They are still powered by a Candela and Stratos amp.

My main speakers are Carver Silver Amazings that I completely redid.  One of these days I'm going to switch things around and put the Lorelei's in the main system with the Tempest and dual mono Stratos (Groneberg cable connecting everything except power).

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Re: The Golden Oak Lorelei's have a new home.
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I have Klaus' wonderful Kismets and I've heard the Lorelis so I know how terrific this system sounds. A bargain and worth every penny. Congratulations!

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Re: The Golden Oak Lorelei's have a new home.
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Re: The Golden Oak Lorelei's have a new home.
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Wow that's a nice second system!  everyone mentions the bass of klaus's tower speakers, maybe that's part of his house sound.  My kismet monoblocks certainly have better bass than any other amp I've tried


Re: The Golden Oak Lorelei's have a new home.
« Reply #4 on: 3 Jun 2017, 10:45 pm »
Today a couple friends came over for a listen.  My main speakers at the start of the day were a pair of Carver Silver Amazings that I completely rebuilt - everything but the frame was redone and they do sound very nice.  I assumed that I had finally reached the end of my speaker journey.

Not so fast...

We moved the Lorelei's into the main spot.  Oppo Sonica fed with SqueezeServer, album or cd from an Oppo UDP-203, then to a Tempest and over to a Stratos dual mono.  Those poor Carver's never had a chance.  I've got the Lorelei's about 4' from the side walls, 3' from the back and about 8' apart.  Bass is still temperamental but much better.  I need some more time on toe-in and possibly pulling them out more into the room but I'm not too concerned about that.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Carver Amazings they have a 4' ribbon tweeter/midrange and 3 10" cones each.  These are not sloppy sounding speakers and they will probably go on the chopping block soon.

DARN you Klaus!  As good as these base Lorelei's are I'm really afraid of how good the Liquids are and we might be talking about that.  For now I'm just going to kick back and soak this sound in.   :thumb: